Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub

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It’s been whereas since I’ve created my very own sugar scrub. I’d forgotten however straightforward and fun it is! after I discovered this occasional oil, though, I knew I had to form one thing with it. Then I found an incredible vanilla oil, and this vanilla caffe latte sugar scrub gave the look of an apparent choice!

If you follow ME on Instagram, you’ll have detected I actually have a protracted and true love for occasional. It’s my most favorite creature comfort, and also the scent alone provides ME heat fuzzies. I hope you like this scrub the maximum amount as I do!

Good To Know:

  • Not all essential oils square measure created equal. take care you’re victimization 100% pure essential oils from a complete you trust. i prefer Plant medical care .
  • Extra virgin vegetable oil is solid at temperature (below seventy six degrees F.), however fractionated vegetable oil isn’t. you’ll use either, however I like fractionated vegetable oil as a result of it behaves additional systematically and features a longer time period.
  • Some individuals expertise sensitivity to vegetable oil. sensible alternatives square measure Prunus amygdalus oil and grapeseed oil.
  • Use caution within the tub and shower. Oil based mostly tub product will create your bathing tub slippery.
  • Vanilla oil is incredibly potent. I don’t suggest victimization over one or two drops during this formula.


This straightforward sugar scrub uses straightforward sweetening, refractionated vegetable oil, occasional oil, and vanilla oil.


1 cup sugar (any sugar works; i prefer plain ol’ sweetening for this purpose)
fractionated vegetable oil (or any carrier oil you prefer)
30 drops occasional oil
1-3 drops vanilla oil


  1. Place sugar during a medium bowl.
  2. Starting with a pair of tablespoons vegetable oil, augment sugar and blend utterly. Add and blend extra vegetable oil, a bit at a time, till the required consistency is achieved. I like my sugar scrub to desire damp, however not utterly wet sand.
  3. Once you’ve got the required consistency, add your essential oils and blend well.
  4. Since this scrub does not use any preservatives, treat yourself and use it up generously!
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